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This Old Tony
He makes stuff and talks about tools. Very fine edutainment.


Primitive Technology
This channel is void of talk. It’s simply someone making things with primitive technology.
CGP Grey
It’s tough to describe this channel! CGP Grey makes videos about a diverse range of topics, from questions like “What is the United Kingdon?” to “How to be productive in covid lockdown.” He’s a lovely human.
Rekindled my love of math. Brady Haren interviews folks from the mathematics community, with each video having a theme. It’s truly magical.


French Guy Cooking Alex is amazing. He also has a website for the channel at frenchguycooking.com. He’s as educational as he his funny, always leaving a smile.

Fitness FAQs
Bodyweight and calisthenics training oriented content. One of the best out there!
The Bioneer
Great training advice with fun themes, e.g. how to train like Batman and Goku.

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