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This is not a blog

It’s more like a microblog, or the .plan files of old.

2020 June

Mon 22nd

I’ve been sitting in on some good MOOCs lately.

2020 May

Tue 26th

Added Silly, Verbose Git Lesson that’s probably only useful to me.

To avoid pretending like I don’t like looking at “productivity porn”, I made this page

Mon 25th

Added an article about a breathing technique I learned to help with anxiety.

Sun 24th

Added a page of notes from my learning of Sonic Pi

Updated Podcast page

Sat 23rd

Added some of my favorite Youtube channels to the media section.

Fri 22nd

Trying to stay active during the covid lockdown has been difficult. I wrote a short article on what I’ve been doing and over the last two months I think I’ve iterated enough that I have a decent routine.

Thu 21st

I’ve been playing with SonicPi, a coding environment for creating music. It’s wicked fun and has a great tutorial to get started.

A random find on Hacker News was Project Gutenberg’s PDF of the 1912 text, Calculus made easy—a surprisingly accessible text that provides an introduction to calculus.

Wed 20th

Todays slow TV selection: Walking in Arashiyama, Kyoto - Kameyama park and bamboo groove

Tech thing: Unreal Engine 5 Demo and related fun tech thing! The Virtual Production of The Mandalorian, Season One which uses the Unreal Engine for the backgrounds of the show.

Added quick draft of the first ten Project Euler problems with Python3. Also using the time to learn Git, github, and its integrations.

Grateful to be working, but staying put to flatten the covid curve is wracking havoc on my mental health. After reading this HBR article on the anxiety-distraction loop, I feel I can relate to this concept very much. See how many interesting youtube videos I’ve found? Yeah.

Trying to be productive in the midst of a world-changing crisis is impossibly difficult. At least that’s only most days.

Be well and be kind to yourselves, friends.

Tue 19th

I’ve been having fun working through some of the Project Euler problems. My humble solutions to the problem sets are in this git repo. It seems trivial, but I’ve been hacking together spaghetti code for a long time. Mostly to get automate things across systems and answer basic data questions. I’m looking to go back and approach these problems with with fresh eyes, maybe cultivating some beginners mind.

Added Podcast page. Updated the style here to make it prettier. Inspired by off the amazing bettermotherfuckingwebsite.

Mon 18th

Quarantine home fitness goal: perform a muscle up on rings. Have I underestimated how difficult this would be? Most certainly. Who knew I was holding the rings wrong the whole time. Well, geekclimber knew. Training wrists to hold a false grip, which has translated into false grip holds for time.

Sun 17th

I’ve stumbled across some wonderful new “Slow TV” type content. Such as this wonderful video of an hour long walk through East Shinjuku, Tokyo. Which is very therapeutic during these strange days.

I just finished reading Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now”. Something that I want to learn more about is the rise in dangerous conspiracy theories such as Q Anon, anti-vaccination, and the many false narratives around SARS-CoV-2. It’s depressing to think we live in a post-truth era.

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