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Software Tools

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Impossible to remember the name of this software. It’s best used on a fresh OS install when you want to install a lot of programs at once, with reasomable defaults!
Hourglass Timer
A simple freeware program that let’s you type in an amount of time, press enter, and it starts a nice timer. Easy as that.
VS Code
My text editor since late 2018.
Windows Subsystem for Linux
This Microsoft provided program allows Windows 10 users to run Ubuntu Linux and other distributions from within Windows.


Favorite Linux distro of choice.
i3 Window Manager
A tiling Window manager that’s somewhat easily configurable.

VS Code Extensions

Settings Sync
Allows syncing of settings with github gists
Project Manager
A quick way to switch between different project in VS Code.
Bookmark code that can be saved in the project directory.
Code Spell Checker
Essential if your spelling is as bad as mine.
Debuggers for Chrome and Firefox
Good JS debuggers for Chrome and Firefox.
Git Graph
Visualize git branches and commits
Live Server
Serve and live reload for local files
Markdown All in One
Extension to handle common tasks in Markdown files
Night Owl Theme
Great dark theme
Remote - WSL
Microsoft provided package to interact with files in WSL containers.

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